Here is our new multi-genre mix. It features elements of our album 'Better Perspective' mangled, melded and mixed with tunes we love, new and old. We spent more time on this than was probably necessary, but hey, if a job's worth doing and all that…


Here's our DNB60 mix we did for Friction's show on Radio 1, originally broadcast on July 12th, featuring lots of stuff from 'Better Perspective', alongside music from all the d&b artists we love. If you want to download it for your 'private' enjoyment, head to our Soundpage HERE


'Better Perspective' is now available to buy everywhere! It's been a long time coming but we're really chuffed to finally get it out into the world. Click HERE to grab every format.


We chatted with Mr Friction about Better Perspective and provided him with the DNB60 on this week's Radio 1 show. It's full of tunes from the album. You can listen back HERE


The lovely people at Mixmag and Fabric have uploaded two more tracks from Better Perspective: 'Trigger Warning' and 'Hold On A While (ft. Jono McCleery)'. Check them out on Soundcloud…